Capturing, producing, sharing and accessing information from users’ own perspectives and experiences, over the Internet, in social media, through on demand services, or even in large spaces like a theatre or a football stadium, introduces many technical challenges. These include the integration of different media formats (High-definition, 3D, panoramic and multi-view content, etc.), the ways of constructing different narratives, Human-Media interaction mechanisms or the possibility of delivering and accessing content through different networks or distribution mechanisms. Interactive, virtual and immersive environments with the ability to engage multiple senses are emerging and media is getting more ubiquitous.

In FourEyes we seek to radically transform the means by which multimedia content is created, distributed and consumed. Our long term vision is towards establishing a vibrant online network of multimedia content where all users can be content creators as well as consumers, or so called “prosumers”; where media is embedded in our daily activities, seamlessly enhancing our way of living; where media technology becomes transparent and a daily commodity, promoting inclusion and providing universal access to content and resources.

FourEyes aims to make critical and tangible advances in the digital media sector, the scientific community and in media-related application areas or markets, by promoting the sharing of knowledge among researchers with different backgrounds. It will provide the means for scientific, creative and industrial communities to understand how new forms of multimedia content in a symbiotic relation with intelligent processing can improve our way of life and can be used to produce innovation. For that, FourEyes will investigate and develop a comprehensive set of methodologies and algorithms that will foster the creation of enhanced multimedia applications with realistic and dynamic immersion, interaction and participatory capabilities. Such applications can provide added value in different domains, notably those of culture, tourism, broadcasting, entertainment and the content producing industry in general.